Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Custom Window Coverings

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Custom window coverings can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home. However, choosing the wrong options and making easily avoidable mistakes can lead to headaches and added costs.

As window fashion and interior consultants at Maple Drapery & Carpet Ltd., our experts have seen the effects of numerous missteps over the years. In this blog, we will highlight common mistakes people make when buying custom window coverings and provide tips on how to avoid them.

1. Making the wrong choice between functional panels or side panels

When choosing custom drapery, it is essential to consider whether you need functional panels or side panels. Functional panels open and close, while side panels frame the window and soften up the edge and accent the shades that are on the window. Choosing the wrong type can lead to added costs and headaches, especially if you have to reorder.

2. Attempting DIY measurements

Window coverings are an investment, and it is worth the fee of up to $200.00 to have them professionally measured to fit right. DIY measurements can result in costly mistakes, and remakes are chargeable as all items are custom made. By having a professional take measurements, you can ensure that your custom window coverings fit perfectly.

3. Choosing the wrong lining

There are several lining options when it comes to custom drapery. Blackout linings are recommended for rooms with light sensitivity, such as bedrooms. Polycotton liners protect the face fabric and dim out spaces. Choosing the wrong lining can affect the functionality of your drapery and may not provide the level of privacy or light control you desire.

4. Choosing the wrong hardware and mount

The right hardware and mount can enhance the look and functionality of your custom window coverings. Channel rods are available in both tracking and decorative options and allow the drapery to glide smoothly from end to end. Rod and rings provide a classic look, but there are limitations to ease of operation. Choosing the wrong hardware can lead to difficulty in opening and closing your window coverings.

5. Getting confused with the many selections

Custom window coverings offer a wide selection of fabrics, styles, and features. Choosing the right options for your needs and budget can be overwhelming. Working with a window treatment consultant can help you make choices that will keep you on budget and achieve the function and fashion you are looking for. Don't fall into the belief that custom is not in your budget, as a professional can often help you get what you are looking for in a budget that works for you. Meeting with a professional in their studio space or showroom will increase your knowledge of what is available. If it is out of budget, you will walk away with great tips on what to look for in a ready-made product.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to Maple Drapery & Carpet Ltd. We are a second-generation family business specializing in custom-made soft goods, including drapery, blinds, flooring, bedding, etc. We have twelve fantastic employees working in our sewing workroom and showroom, and we are constantly introducing new innovations to keep up with current trends.

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